Milestones Day School is an approved and accredited private school (Chapter 766) providing a complete education for students by balancing stimulating academics with teaching new and more appropriate therapeutic skills. Our therapeutic curriculum is vast and comprises in-depth lessons and interventions practiced daily for social skills, executive skills, coping/regulation skills, daily living skills, and self-esteem. Every aspect of our program, from the deliberate architecture to the comprehensive curriculum, has been custom designed to support and nurture students while increasing their proficiency at learning and interacting.

Milestones Day School’s Transitions Services are designed for students aged 14-22 to assist with all aspects of transitioning to adulthood.  The Transitions Program accepts students who progress through our day school as well as students who are currently enrolled in other programs and are looking to gain skills for this next phase of their life.

Our program was carefully developed to ensure students experience a successful transition and to assist with post-graduation goals.


What's Happening at Milestones Day School

2017-2018 Yearly Consent Packet




Thursday November 2nd from 1:00pm-3:00pm

ASD & Anxiety: Practical Interventions to Teach Effective Coping Strategies

Every human experiences anxiety in their life. Individuals on the spectrum are no exception. The goal of this workshop is not to prevent individuals on the spectrum from experiencing anxiety, it is to help them find effective coping strategies that will allow them to move through feelings of anxiety so that they can function independently even when feeling anxious. This workshop will explain some of the reasons that students on the spectrum experience anxiety more frequently and more intensely than students not on the spectrum. We will then discuss coping strategies that can be taught that will assist students in alleviating their anxiety in increasingly independent ways. Participants will leave the workshop with new ideas of how to assist their students with their overwhelming anxiety the very next day!

Lynne Mitchell is a clinical social worker with nearly 30 years of experience.  She has worked as a school consultant, with schools throughout eastern Massachusetts prior to joining Granite Academy as the Clinical Director. Lynne’s area of expertise is in working with students on the Autism Spectrum. She is actively involved with the Asperger/Autism Network (AANE) serving on their Board of Directors, in addition to other roles. She is a frequent speaker and trainer at workshops, webinars and conferences on several topics including “Practical Classroom Strategies for the Student on the Spectrum”, “Building Independence for students on the spectrum” and “Preparing Students on the Spectrum for Transition to the “Real World”. Lynne is the mother of four including a young adult on the spectrum.


  Milestones Featured in #ImIncluded Video Campaign

We couldn’t be more proud of one of our Milestones’ families for taking part in the maaps #ImIncluded Video Campaign! This segment features animation by our 12th grader Brett and an interview with his mother!

We feel so honored to be able to provide a therapeutic and supportive academic environment for our students at Milestones.

In the video, parents, students and school leaders highlight what inclusion means to them at maaps member Chapter 766 special education schools.


 Milestones was recently featured on Yogibo’s YouTube channel.  Take a look at how our students will benefit from this great product!