Organization’s Core Values:

  • Potential: Each student has undeniable potential. We are fierce advocates for highlighting students’ strengths and capabilities while celebrating milestones of progress and achievement.
  • Perseverance: Our students, their families and our staff adapt to challenges they may face each day. We embrace their courage, tenacity, humor and optimism.
  • Positivity: A caring, nurturing and optimistic environment is the foundation of Milestones. Our highly-qualified, passionate staff promote a culture of respect and positivity. We emphasize our students’ strengths, abilities and gifts through educational and therapeutic programming and interactions with parents and other community members.
  • Partnerships: Students thrive when they are supported by a strong, collaborative partnership between parents, teachers, school districts, the therapeutic professionals, and outside community partners. We work to build connections that provide resources necessary for our students to overcome obstacles and feel supported.
  • Best Practices: 21st century classroom technology and research-based educational approaches are proven tools that promote enhanced learning and positive outcomes. Our students benefit from innovative methods, including creative and flexible programming and new and emerging technologies.