About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the lives of children by teaching more appropriate and useful patterns of communication, behavior, organization, and relating to others, while respecting their individuality. We are successful because we do not stop at rote teaching. Rather, we strive to understand the person as a whole and comprehend the reasons for the persons current way of functioning in the world. We then create a solution for the root problem. In this way we teach skills for life.

The Milestones Advantage

  • We listen to and value our families and their child.
  • We can incorporate family members into the child’s treatment sessions.
  • Our highly trained and certified staff are leaders in their fields and, are very personable.
  • We take the time to gather information and really observe each child (instead of making snap judgments).
  • We use both formal and informal assessments and the newest diagnostic and assessment tools.
  • We have years of experience and expertise working collaboratively with the child’s other team members, including the school district.
  • We are a stable organization that has been in practice since 1994.
Our Story

Milestones owner is Alex Smith-Michaels.

Milestones began in the kitchen of Alex Michaels’ home in 1994.  Aptly named Educational Consultants of New England (ECN), Alex and her hand picked staff consulted with schools and families to design classrooms that would effectively meet the needs of their students with special needs.  ECN quickly gained a reputation with the local community for ‘”thinking outside the box”.  During this time ECN opened “Camp Good Times” a successful summer program alternative focusing on pragmatics for children on the autism spectrum.  

Due to an expanding need, ECN next opened a home-based services division where they provided ABA and Floortime therapies.  

As the years went on, it was clear that the next logical step was to open a year round day school program for children with special needs.  The original name of the program was “The School for Accelerated Learning”.  Ultimately, we elected to close Camp Good Times and our home-based programming in favor of focusing exclusively on the day school program.  The name ECN and School for Accelerated Learning merged into our current name “Milestones Day School”.  
Milestones is committed to remaining small enough to stay true to its mission, and large enough for our students to learn to be a successful, confident member of a community.