Dear Families and Staff,

This evening all families, staff, and transportation companies in our Milestones community received an automated voicemail from me with a media update surrounding the Coronavirus. Additional guidance will be shared later this week.

First, you may have heard on the news this evening that Governor Baker announced that all public schools in Massachusetts will be closed for 3 weeks with an anticipated re-opening of Tuesday, April 7th. This is to limit the community spread of the Coronavirus.

Second, the State has since clarified to special education collaboratives and special education private programs that this 3 week closure may or may not necessarily apply. The State will be holding a separate advisory meeting for special education programs tomorrow and will offer additional guidance this week.

As of now, Milestones is certainly closed at least until Monday, March 30th as we confirmed previously. We will notify our staff and families with more information this week after it becomes available.

In the meantime, our leadership team is already scheduled to hold regular meetings during this temporary closure and will provide families with ongoing information and resources to stay connected.

Thank you for your patience during this ever-evolving and unprecedented period. We will continue to provide you with timely updates and support.