Dear families,

Our team at Milestones has been continuing to work very diligently to best support our students and families during our temporary closure. We wanted to provide you with a few updates regarding the type of ongoing support we are providing.

1)* Optional Enrichment Resources: *

  • We understand that our students’ time away from school raises important questions about helping students stay structured and connected to their skills and relationships. Since last week, we have participated in many advisory meetings at the State level and with maaps. Due to specific special education regulations (FAPE), which ensure equivalent access and adherence to IEPS, special education programs have received very clear direction that we are not permitted to provide “virtual learning” or partial instruction as an acceptable alternative to holding school. Doing so, would deny FAPE.
  • However, it is Milestones’ position that we will provide you as much support and continuity with learning as we are permitted! Special education programs are both permitted and encouraged by DESE to offer families ongoing optional enrichment resources and the ability to stay connected with our faculty. In addition to the initial resource list that we circulated on Friday, our team has developed a more extensive plan for providing students with ongoing optional resources as well as an opportunity to stay in touch with your student’s case manager. *Your student’s multi-disciplinary team is collaborating on these materials, and case managers will reach out to all families by no later than this Thursday morning (3/19) with more information. If you have any related questions, your student’s case manager will resume serving as your family’s point person regarding resources. *

2) Free and Reduced Meals:

  • Wholistically supporting our community at this time is of integral importance. During this temporary closure, Milestones developed and put into place our own plan to provide support to the students in our school community who receive school sponsored breakfast and lunch.

3) Medications at School:

  • Our school nurse (Lyn Ross) is separately reaching out to families whose students receive medication at school to determine if your family needs any special arrangements to be made during our temporary closure.

On a more personal level, please know that on behalf of our entire school community we are keeping our students and your families at the forefront of our minds. Our case managers look forward to being in touch with you later this week, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any additional questions.