Additional Onsite Reentry Information, Follow-Up Resources on Race and Racism, and Update from the PAG

July 15, 2020

Dear families,

We’re delighted to share that our team at Milestones is feeling highly prepared and well trained for our students’ return to onsite instruction beginning next week. Today we have additional updates to share with you regarding reentry and other important school related matters including follow-up resources on race and racism. Thank you for your attention as we understand that parents and guardians are being provided a significant amount of information this time of year.

Documents referred to in this post:

1) Previewing Summer Reentry Information with Students and an Update on our Contactless Faucets: This week our faculty are working with students to preview protocols and expectations regarding our summer onsite learning.

  • Please see the attached social story developed by our therapists that is being shared with your students this week and the accompanying cover letter that describes this initiative. This social story offers a very clear, comprehensive, and helpful explanation for students.
  • In addition, our transition to contactless faucets is still underway due to unexpected COVID-related shipping delays. We have successfully converted 8 sinks within our space to include contactless faucets; however, there are additional faucets that have been ordered and scheduled for installation that are still in process as we await shipping from the warehouse. We look forward to completing this project as soon as possible as this is an enhanced (non-required) step that Milestones chose to sponsor as part of our health and safety planning.

2) Submitting Questions to Be Reviewed at our Optional Town Hall Meetings:
As we shared last week, Milestones will be holding two optional virtual meetings this summer for parents and guardians when members of our task force will be available to answer questions regarding our protocols and practices for students’ reentry to onsite learning. These meetings will be held on Tuesday, July 28th and Tuesday, August 11th from 2:00-3:00pm. All families are invited to submit questions online in advance of these meetings, which our task force will take time to address during the meetings.

  • To RSVP to attend either or both meetings, please email:
  • To submit questions to be addressed at our first town hall meeting, please visit the following link by next Friday, July 24th. (Please note that if your computer does not automatically direct you to the submission form, we recommend that you copy and paste this link into a new tab on your browser.)

3) Reminders for Families With Students Who are Participating in Onsite Summer Instruction: In addition to parents and guardians remembering to complete in advance the required forms for onsite learning, we wanted to offer an additional reminder about what to pack and how to best prepare your student for onsite learning this summer.

  • As the school cafeteria will be closed this summer, we recommend that you ensure that your student has had a healthy breakfast before coming to school so that they will be feeling satisfied and ready to learn!
  • Please remember to pack the following list of items that have been previously discussed: (1) required paperwork if online forms were not pre-submitted, (2) one or more masks, (3) packed lunch and snacks that do not require heating and a fork and/or spoon if needed, (4) school-issued Chromebook in the carry case if your student’s Milestones device is presently at your home, (5) plenty of water, (6) a jacket and/or umbrella for outdoor walks and mask breaks if there is rain in the forecast, and (7) any additional school supplies (if applicable) if they have been requested by your student’s teachers.

4) Update From the PAG Regarding The Previously Scheduled Bowling Outing:
During the spring, the PAG had scheduled an optional social outing for families. Unfortunately, this bowling event was postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic. As large group activities are still not advisable, the PAG has decided to hold off for now on further planning for this event. Our accounting team will shred all deposit checks that families submitted to Milestones for payment, and families may void these checks in your personal accounts if you have not yet done so.

5) Important Follow-up Resources on Race and Racism: We made a statement to families in June that Milestones prides itself on being inclusive in all areas and we do not condone racism or discrimination of any kind. We stand in solidarity with our black students, families, team members, and community. We also shared that our therapists had begun to recommend supportive resources for students and staff. We encourage families to explore the list of resources attached to this email. If parents/guardians observe that your student is in need of additional support or related education, please do not hesitate to notify your case manager and we will eagerly ensure that we are responsive.

Thank you again for taking the time to review our materials and reminders, and we look forward to beginning to welcome students back to school next week.