Reminder to Families about Required Forms for Fall Programming

September 2, 2020

Dear families,

We hope you are having a great vacation period with your families. As we prepare to restart school on Tuesday of next week (September 8th) we wanted to offer an additional reminder about our required fall paperwork, which was sent to all families before we closed for vacation. We have also re-attached all forms to this email for your convenience.

  • Permission Forms For Fall Onsite Learners Who Did Not Participate in Milestones’ Summer Programming:  If your student is scheduled to participate in fall onsite instruction and did not attend our onsite summer programming, there are 2 one-time-only required forms to complete on or before your student’s first onsite day. These attached forms include a: (1) Consent to Participate Onsite and (2) Acknowledgement of Risk. If you received an email before we closed for vacation with an online option to complete these forms, you may complete the forms electronically anytime prior to your student’s first scheduled onsite day (if you have not done so already). Alternatively, families may send in completed paper-based copies of the attached forms with your student on their first day of onsite instruction. These forms are not required for families whose students participated in summer onsite instruction, as requirements have been previously fulfilled.

  • Continued Daily Health Attestations for All Onsite Learners: This fall Milestones is continuing to require daily health attestations for all onsite learners and staff. We will follow the same process that worked successfully this summer, although the fall attestation form (see attached revised version) has been slightly updated to reflect revised fall DESE guidelines. On each school day when your student is scheduled onsite, parents/guardians are expected to take a student’s temperature and respond to a series of health screening questions to confirm your student’s safety to attend school. Families may complete an online attestation form each morning by 7:30am or complete a paper-based form that your student must turn in upon arrival to school. Online forms are sent to families within 24 hours of your student’s scheduled onsite days. If a student is ill or does not satisfy all of the qualifying health requirements to attend onsite school on a scheduled day, please notify our school nurse (Lyn Ross: and your student may participate in remote instruction instead.

  • 2020-2021 Chromebook Take Home Policy for All Families (Onsite and Remote Learners): All families are requested to please complete and return a Chromebook Take Home Policy (see attached) that reflects your understanding of Milestones’ expectations regarding the safe and responsible use of a school sponsored device. Prior to our school vacation, families were emailed an electronic policy form that may be submitted online. Alternatively, you may complete and return a paper-based form by mailing it to Milestones (Attention: Brittany Asselin) or returning it with your student on their first onsite day.

Thank you for your assistance with ensuring that our students are safely prepared to join us this fall. Enjoy the upcoming long weekend, and we will look forward to welcoming our students back next week!

Kind regards,