Announcing 12/17 as a Remote Pivot Day Due to Snow

December 16, 2020

Dear Families,

1) Remote Instruction Full Day Tomorrow (Thursday, 12/17): I’m writing to notify you that Milestones has confirmed that tomorrow (Thursday, 12/17) will be a remote instruction day at Milestones due to the anticipated timing and impact of the impending snow storm.  Students will take their computers home today, and we will offer a full day of virtual instruction following a typical schedule.  Class assignments will be posted to Google Classroom in advance as a precautionary plan in the event of any power outages.  Coincidentally, Waltham Public Schools will also be scheduling a remote instruction day tomorrow.

2) Attempting to Reschedule Governor Baker’s Visit:  While it is disappointing that his visit cannot occur tomorrow due to weather, we will work with Governor Baker’s office after the holidays to attempt to reschedule his visit.  Governor Baker and his team are very appreciative of the work of our program and share in our enthusiasm for this opportunity.

3) Plans for Friday, 12/18:  As of now we expect Friday to be a full onsite day (business as usual) because the city of Waltham anticipates that they will have sufficient time to clear roads.  However, in the event that the storm is severe enough to impact plans for Friday, Milestones will make our own local decision regarding our schedule and we would update all families and faculty about our plans as we get closer to Friday morning.

Thank you for your flexibility and be safe!