Annual Donation Request from the PAG to Support a Staff Luncheon, Town Hall Reminder, and Confirmed Safety in Waltham today

October 16, 2020

Dear families,

To follow up on our email from earlier this week regarding the Boxtops for Education program, we have three announcements today.

  • Letter from the PAG regarding an Annual Donation Request: Please see the attached letter from our Parent Advisory Group co-leaders, which is aiming to encourage families to consider contributing a donation (in any amount) to the PAG. Donations will be used to support a Staff Appreciation Lunch on December 2nd as well as other PAG sponsored activities. Typically the PAG solicits donations once per year each spring, prior to the National Teacher Appreciation week. However, we did not solicit donations or hold a Staff Appreciation luncheon this past spring due to the pandemic. Thank you for considering this annual initiative, and if families have any related questions we have provided contact information for our PAG co-leaders. Our team at Milestones greatly appreciates the PAG’s support!
  • Town Hall Reminder: Tuesday, 10/20 from 2:00-3:00pm: As a reminder, parents/guardians are welcome to join members of our Task Force next week for our Fall Town Hall meeting to discuss our protocols and processes since we have reopened this fall. To register to attend this virtual meeting, please email: All parents/guardians who RSVP will be provided a link to participate.
  • Safety in Waltham has been confirmed after a voluntary shelter-in-place in Waltham Public Schools this morning: It was brought to our attention this morning that Waltham Public Schools enacted a voluntary low risk shelter-in-place due to potential crime in the North Waltham area (reportedly an apartment break-in). We have been in touch with the Waltham Police department, and they confirmed that this matter has been resolved and that there is no threat to Milestones.


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Thank you for your consideration, and have a great weekend!