Boxtops for Education to Support the Parent Advisory Group

October 14, 2020

Dear families,

We hope that you had a very nice long weekend. We are writing to notify families that the Milestones Parent Advisory Group (PAG) participates in the Boxtops for Education program, and we are always looking for additional families to join us in this effort to support the PAG. The Boxtops program schedules two donation deadlines each year (during the fall and spring months), and the fall collection is currently underway!

Boxtops for Education Information:

  • One of the methods that Milestones’ Parent Advisory Group uses to collect funds is through the Boxtops for Education program. Boxtops can be found on a variety of food and household items, and the PAG earns 10 cents for each Boxtop that is collected. PAG funds are used to support activities and initiatives for our staff and students.
  • Previously, Boxtop clippings were attached to the top of participating products, and schools needed to submit by mail all collected Boxtops two times per year during the fall and spring collection periods. The program has shifted to gradually phase out clippings and has moved toward an efficient paperless process.
  • *** If families have any non-expired Boxtop clippings at home that you would like to donate to the PAG, we ask that you please turn them into Milestones by Monday, October 26th. These submissions will count toward our fall collection.*** You may send Boxtops in with your student or mail them directly to Milestones, to the attention of our “Boxtops Coordinator.”
  • We have also attached instructions for participating in the paperless collection process along with a list of participating products. Thus far, participants are finding this process to be fast and easy to use. It involves downloading an app and scanning your grocery receipts anytime you purchase a participating Boxtops product
  • If families have any questions related to Boxtops for Education or if you could benefit from support using the Boxtops app, you are invited to contact our Boxtops Coordinator parent volunteer (Lynda Leary) at:

Download files here:

Thank you for your consideration and support of the PAG!