Closing Early Today (12/15/21) and Process for Dismissing Students Early

December 15, 2021

Good morning families,

This email is a follow-up to an emergency schoolwide notification voicemail that we just issued to all families.

1) Milestones needs to unexpectedly close early today (Wednesday, 12/1/21), and we are aiming to dismiss all students as soon as possible.  There has been a water main break in our local area, and our water and sprinklers have been shut off mid-morning.

2) Our students and faculty are in the process of safely transitioning across the parking lot to 460 Totten Pond Road, which is our emergency relocation facility. That building was not impacted by the water main break and has functioning water.

3) We are looking to dismiss all students early, as soon as possible.   All families are being contacted by a case manager or administrator to make an individualized plan for safely transporting your student home.  Transportation companies received our automated schoolwide voicemail so they are aware of this situation, and we are prepared to individually contact them on behalf of specific students if needed.

4) We anticipate that the water challenge in our building will be resolved today and expect that school will be back open onsite tomorrow, as regularly scheduled.

We truly apologize for this inconvenience and thank you in advance for working with your case manager or designated administrator as well as our full faculty to safely dismiss all students.