Comprehensive Fall Information and Selecting Your Student’s Instructional Model

August 12, 2020

Dear families,

Yesterday we had another very successful Town Hall meeting with parents and guardians, and tonight we submitted our final comprehensive fall programming plan to DESE (note: DESE extended the submission deadline to 8/14/20). In this email, we are providing families our comprehensive plan and policies regarding fall programming that has been submitted to DESE. We are also requesting that all families please confirm your selection for your student’s fall instructional model by Monday, August 17th based on this information.

    1. Fall Comprehensive Plan: Please review the attached comprehensive plan that describes Milestones’ options for instruction this fall. This is a lengthy document, however, it includes a thorough review of Milestones’ feasibility analysis, which led to our decisions regarding fall instruction. It also outlines the health and safety policies and protocols that we have established for the fall. Although it is very important that families take time to fully review our comprehensive plan and expectations, the Executive Summary on pgs. 2-6 offers a helpful synopsis of key information.
    2. August 11th Town Hall Materials: We have also attached meeting minutes from yesterday’s Town Hall and a copy of the slide show that we presented during the meeting. The focus of the meeting was to review Milestones’ plans and options for fall programming with parents/guardians. The minutes include a list of the questions that were raised by parents/guardians as well as answers that were provided by our Task Force.
    3. Selecting Your Instructional Model: As you will see outlined in the attached comprehensive plan, we are very pleased to announce that Milestones is prepared to offer full onsite programming starting Monday, September 28th (i.e., based on current health and safety information, as of 8/12/20). This model was the chief request from Milestones’ families. Beginning September 28th, students may participate in full onsite programming, full remote programming, or our selected hybrid model for the cohort that your student is assigned to (i.e., partial onsite and partial remote instruction). Leading up to this date, we have thoughtfully designed a 3 week transitional period (Tuesday, September 8th-Friday, September 25th) when all students will be invited to participate in our hybrid model (or to participate through full remote instruction if you are not choosing to send your student to school onsite). School days will include full school hours, and we believe this transitional period will best position our community for success once we are scheduled to reach full capacity. **After reviewing our options for fall instruction, please complete the survey linked below by Monday, August 17th to confirm your selections for your student.** Your timely response will enable us to confirm plans with your student’s sending district and to finalize our classroom and staffing schedules and assignments.

Link to our Instructional Model Selection Survey:

Thank you sincerely for your input and collaboration in our planning process. We anticipate that you will find our fall comprehensive plan to be highly responsible and responsive. Should you have any follow-up questions, you are invited to outreach and we will be happy to offer assistance or clarification.

We very much look forward to extending our onsite learning opportunities this fall!