COVID Mitigation Practices

December 1, 2021

Milestones Re-Entry Task Force was established in May 2020 and we meet on a weekly basis to keep our Milestones Day School community safe from the COVID-19 virus.

Here’s how we are keeping our community COVID free:

  • Required vaccinations for all non-exempt staff and strongly encouraging vaccinations for eligible students
  • Holding free vaccination clinics for staff, students, and family members
  • Indoor masking
  • Daily health attestations
  • School cohorting to minimize exposure risk
  • Individualized materials for students when available
  • Social distancing with a minimum of 3 feet in classrooms
  • Designated medical isolation room
  • Full time registered nurse onsite
  • Onsite flu clinic offered to staff and students
  • MERV-13 air filters and increased airflow exchanges
  • Frequent high touch surface cleaning
  • Nightly deep cleaning and sanitization
  • Hand sanitizing stations throughout the building
  • Contactless faucets
  • Restricted visitor policy
  • Virtual team meetings and events
  • Requiring highly accurate PCR tests for those that have any symptoms
  • Requiring staff and students to follow the Department of Elementary and Secondary Educations (DESE) guidelines “Stay Home When Sick”
  • Continuous monitoring of DESE and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s guidelines for updates and making modifications when necessary