Dealing with Death

January 27, 2015

No one wants to think about the loss of a grandparent, parent, friend or relative.  Finding comforting words or actions can be hard if not impossible.   The death of a loved one is an event that all of us is likely to experience during our lifetimes.  How do you explain a loss to your child? How can you help them grieve and understand the loss.  Work in conjunction with teachers, physicians and relatives to help  your child express his/her emotions when it comes to the death of a loved one.  Here are a list of resources and books that may help your child begin to deal with this loss.

Resources for Helping your Child deal with loss:

National Association of School Psychologists.    This document explain the ways that children may express their grief, sadness or anger. They offer tips for parents and teachers help children deal with death.

Kids Health – This site offers suggestions about how to explain loss and death to children.

The Help Guide – What is the difference between grief and depression? This site helps you look at the warning signs and how to seek professional help.

Grief Support – How do you help your child grieve?

Amazon – This online book site offers a wide selection of stoies appropriate for all levels to read about death and loss.