Holiday Merchandise For Sale from our Post High School

December 9, 2021

Dear Families,

Thank you on behalf of the PAG for your sign-up responses thus far regarding a holiday snack surprise for faculty on 12/20/21 and an optional after school virtual cooking elective beginning in January.  Today we are sending out an update on behalf of our Post High School program (PHS).

PHS students are currently selling holiday merchandise through their Gateway Student Store.  Items are designed by PHS students!

  • If you are interested in purchasing merchandise, please see the attached flyer for options, pricing, and ordering information.
  • To receive items by December 23rd, please order by December 17th.  Orders may also be placed at other times during the year, and typically take 3-5 school days to be completed.
  • Items can be sent home directly with students or arranged to be picked up at Milestones.

The PHS students and faculty wish to thank you for your consideration!

PHS Holiday Merchandise Flyer