Minutes and Follow-Ups from the March PAG Meeting Including A New Brief Survey for Scheduling a Parent/Guardian Activity

March 11, 2021

Dear Families,

We enjoyed seeing families at our Parent Advisory Group meeting last Friday (3/5/21).   As a follow-up to the meeting, we are sharing copies of the meeting minutes and the slide deck presentation on the topic of “De-escalation and Setting Limits.

  • Presentation Recording: If any families would like to receive a recording of the PAG presentation to follow along with the slides, please email our Project Coordinator (Heidi Warren): hwarren@advancingmilestones.com and we would be happy to assist.
  • Parent/Guardian Coffee:  During the meeting we discussed potential outside of school opportunities for parents/guardians, students, or families to socialize that would be coordinated by the PAG.  Through our recent Milestones satisfaction survey, nearly 90% of respondents expressed interest or potential interest in social activities organized by the PAG.  One recommendation is for the PAG to schedule time for parents/guardians to connect together for coffee either virtually or potentially at an outdoor location in a socially distanced manner.  If this may be of interest to you, please complete the very brief survey below by Friday, March 26th to share your availability and preferences for the format and time of year.  This survey will take about 2 minutes to complete and will assist with scheduling.

Link for Sharing Availability and Preferences for a Parent/Guardian Social Coffee:

Additionally, on a nostalgic note, the end of this week marks one year from when Milestones (and many Massachusetts schools) first needed to pivot away from onsite learning as a precaution surrounding COVID-19 prevention.  And today all educators and school staff across Massachusetts became universally eligible for scheduling the COVID-19 vaccine.  We have come so far!