New COVID-19 Testing Options and Minutes from our January PAG Meeting (1/14/22)

January 21, 2022

Dear Families,

Today we are sharing information regarding the addition of COVID-19 testing options for students and faculty and minutes from last week’s PAG meeting (1/14/22).

1) COVID-19 Testing Options: Families may recall that Milestones previously opted not to pursue school-based COVID-19 testing in the spring and fall of 2021. This decision was due to factors surrounding our specific student population in conjunction with Milestones’ extensive onsight mitigation measures and the very low ascertainment rate of positive cases in schools that participated in routine safety checks during those time points.  Our Task Force and Board of Directors have continued to review data and evaluate the evolving COVID-19 climate.  We announced at last week’s PAG meeting that Milestones is now opting to pursue this additional mitigation measure in light of the significant increase in cases in Massachusetts coupled with the significantly higher statewide positive test rate.  

  • Information: Please see the attached letter for an explanation of the 2 test options that Milestones will offer: routine COVID safety checks onsite and at-home rapid testing.  While participation is not required, we recommend that families consent for both options.  As an update, DESE revised its school-based testing recommendations earlier this week and Milestones has selected options that are consistent with DESE’s most up to date recommendations.
  • Steps for participation:  The letter will describe 2 steps.  A direct link is included in the letter for completing a consent form, and all families will receive a separate electronic form sent to your email through Docusign later today.
  • Questions: If you have any follow-up questions after reviewing the letter, please contact our Project Coordinator (Heidi Warren) at:

2) January PAG Minutes and Presentation Information (1/14/22): It was a pleasure to have families join us for last week’s PAG meeting and training presentation.

  • Minutes and Slide Deck: We were delighted to host Kristen O’Melia from the Department of Developmental Services as she offered a very valuable presentation in the area of Transition-related services.  Attached are approved meeting minutes and a copy of the slide deck.
  • Presentation Recording: We received permission to record the training presentation.  If parents/guardians would like to receive a copy of the recording to follow along with the slides, please contact Heidi Warren at:  Any family who already outreached directly to me or Heidi to request the recording will be directly provided the recording.

Thank you for your attention, and have a nice weekend!

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