Quick Safety Update

December 16, 2021

Dear Families and Faculty,

This is a brief message to let you know that there is no present safety risk at Milestones, but we wanted to notify staff and families that we were made aware this evening of national TikTok trend concerns around school safety. This did not originate in our school, and we have not heard of any related TikTok concerns among Milestones students, families, or faculty.

Some public school districts have sent out similar notifications this evening to acknowledge our awareness of these social media concerns. Similar to many school districts, we were in touch with our local police department this evening as an added precaution. Waltham Police does not believe there is a credible threat, but they will be increasing police presence tomorrow at Waltham schools including Milestones. We also have direct lines of communication through our partnership with the Waltham Police Department, and our full leadership team is aware of these concerns.

As always, if you or your student ever becomes aware of any concerning social media posts in our school community, please notify a Milestones administrator. Thank you for your continued partnership in creating a safe and positive learning environment for our students and staff.