Remote Instruction Day Tomorrow (Wednesday, 3/3) Due to an Unresolved Power Line in the Area

March 2, 2021

Dear Families and Faculty,

Unfortunately, we received an update from our Building Management company this evening that Eversource has still not resolved the fallen power line problem in our school’s neighboring area.  As a result, Milestones will need to operate as a full day of remote instruction tomorrow (Wednesday, March 3rd).

Eversource began working on this issue earlier today, but they did not complete the project.  Eversource needs to return to the worksite and has not confirmed how quickly they expect to resolve this issue according to their assessment of priorities.  We have been informed that when Eversource returns to the worksite our heat and electricity will be shut off for at least half of the duration of school day, which would impact our ability to operate school onsite.

We truly apologize for the continued inconvenience, as we recognize that unexpected schedule changes are challenging for students and for parents/guardians.  Our Building Management company will continue to keep us abreast about the status of this project, and we will update you tomorrow on this progress by 7:00pm tomorrow evening.

If your student is in need of a school-based Chromebook to participate in remote instruction, please notify Kirsten Esposito (Principal): by 9:00pm tonight so that she can assist with arrangements.  Thank you again for your understanding and for working with us this morning to ensure safety for our students.