Reporting of a Prior COVID-19 Case During the Remote Pivot

January 27, 2021

Dear Families and Faculty,

We just received notification and confirmation that during the remote pivot instructional period earlier in January, one additional student tested positive for COVID-19. We have reviewed the timeline with the Waltham Board of Health, and it was determined that this individual was not on campus during the period of infectiousness. Prior to testing, the student had not been at Milestones since before the winter holiday vacation. By completing an out of school quarantine the individual exceeded the required duration for clearance to return to school after a positive test result.  As a reminder, please continue to update Milestones of any positive test results or potential exposures to COVID-19 at the earliest opportunity even during school vacations or periods of remote instruction. To avoid confusion, we are sharing this announcement today by email only rather than an automated voicemail because this refers to a prior COVID-19 case.


Thank you for your attention.