Survey for Schoolwide Participation by Friday (August 7th) and Info Regarding Next Week’s Town Hall Meeting

August 4, 2020

Dear families,

We hope that you had a wonderful weekend. Our administration and task force is continuing to plan very actively for our fall programming in preparation for our comprehensive plan proposal to be submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), which is due on Monday of next week (August 10th). Thus far, input from families through the completion of optional surveys, participation at our recent Town Hall meeting, and through ongoing feedback discussions with our faculty has been very valuable. This week we have one additional important request, and we truly appreciate your participation even if your plans for your student’s fall programming are not yet confirmed.

1) Brief Fall Preparations Survey for Families: Please complete by Friday of this week, August 7th.

  • **If possible, we would like a parent or guardian representative for each student to please complete the very brief fall planning survey linked below by Friday of this week (August 7th). Earlier this summer we initially polled families regarding your preferences for onsite, remote, and hybrid instructional models. This follow-up survey is designed for families to indicate your most up to date plans for your student regarding onsite or remote participation this fall, which will further assist with our planning for classroom set-ups and staffing. To guide your decision, in the survey introduction you will find a description of Milestones’ most up to date goal for our fall programming model. This will provide context to the schedule that we are proposing to DESE. We fully understand that families may still be uncertain about your fall preference, but your responses at this time will still be very beneficial for our scheduling. We expect that this survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete.
  • *Fall Preparations Survey Link: *

*2) Optional **Town Hall Virtual Meeting: **Tuesday, August 11th (2:00-3:00pm)*: As a reminder, we will be holding an optional Town Hall virtual meeting for parents/guardians next week. Families are invited to submit questions to our task force in advance even if you are unable to join us at the virtual meeting. Our task force will review all submitted questions, and we will circulate minutes after the meeting to the full school community.

Our team at Milestones recognizes that this is an especially busy time for parents/guardians, and we truly appreciate your collaboration to best support our students and staff this fall.