Safety Devices for Families with a Child on the Spectrum

August 25, 2016

As parents we all worry about our child(ren) getting lost, wandering off or just getting into some sort of predicament. The concern is felt even more so by parents of special needs children such as children on the spectrum. Most alarming are the number of cases of children on the spectrum who wander. Here is a great source of devices that can help you have peace of mind and the feeling that you are keeping your child safe.

  • Child ID Cards – These kits can be found online or your child’s school may have access to them. Many kits contain items such as: DNA & Fingerprints on file,  3 ID cards (1 for the child, one for parents with the Medical Release card, and one for school/teacher).
  •  Shoe ID Tags– Many children may lose an ID tag so these shoe ID tags stay connected to the shoe of the child and contain all pertinent information that will be used to return a non-verbal child home.
  • AMBER Alert GPS – AMBER Alert GPS keeps families connected by enabling instant one-touch contact between kids and caregivers. A child can quickly, at the touch of ONE-button, speak with & receive calls from a caregiver, trigger a precise GPS location, and issue an email SOS alert to pre-selected persons of trust. Built-in safety features can be customized to trigger an alert including safe zones, low battery, breadcrumb tracking, speed limit, and proximity to homes of registered sex offenders – all of which are accessible via a secure online dashboard, mobile app or email.
  • Care Trak – The Original Law Enforcement Rescue Program that electronically tracks people with Alzheimer’s who wander and special needs kids. Sheriffs, Police, Fire Departments, SAR Teams, etc. use Care Trak to quickly locate at risk individuals.
  • The Safety Sleeper – The Safety Sleeper has a zippered enclosure that keeps your sleeper safe in his/her own bed and prevents them from unattended wandering. This gives your sleeper the freedom to wind down and go to sleep on their own, while giving you the peace of mind that your child is safe.

For more devices that will help find or discourage your child from wandering check out these 10 Resources And Devices For Wandering Children With Autism.