Our Population


The students at Milestones tend to have struggled in previous school environments with social pragmatics, coping and regulation skills, and executive functioning.  Opportunities for explicit and embedded skill building in these areas are provided by Special Education Teachers, Reading/Math Specialists, Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Transition Specialists and Board Certified Behavior Analysts.  Milestones follows the Massachusetts Common Core Curriculum while differentiating learning based on individual student needs.  This model is supported by special education teachers as well as reading and math specialists.

Our multi-disciplinary team strives to lead students to self-discovery and growth, empowering them to become confident, engaged learners and self-determined community members.

NOTE: Although many people experience the symptoms listed, in order for the symptoms to be classified as a “disorder”, the symptoms must persist over time and interfere with daily life.

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