Our Academic Services and Goals

At Milestones, we recognize that the most effective approach to improving reading and math for students is to provide both direct instruction in identified areas of challenge, as well as teach strategies. Strategy instruction involves having students search for patterns in words and identify key content clues when reading or considering inverse operations and acronyms when working on math. Once a student learns specific strategies, s/he can generalize them to other areas of academics. Our staff are trained in a variety of programs and will adapt their methodologies to meet the individualized needs of their students. Effective instruction will include direct questioning, elaboration, role modeling, short games to motivate interest, and the use of think-aloud models. Many of our students have their reading and math needs fully met in our small group structured academic classes. For those diagnosed with dyslexia, dyscalculia or another language-based learning disability, we offer individual sessions to focus on the exact areas of deficit and then scaffold the student back into their small group classes when effective progress is made. Our reading and math specialists who work collaboratively with our special educators provide individualized instruction.