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Scholarships & Grants for Students with Disabilities

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chalkWe have provided many resources for our visitors. Some are printable directly from our site and some are links to outside resources we thought would be helpful to families and professional searching for information. Use the links below to find a particular area of interest.

General information for Families and Educators

General Information recently published their 2016 College Resources for Students with Disabilities.  “In the course of our research we found that most students with disabilities were not aware of all the grants, scholarships, and education resources that are available to them. We decided to create a user friendly guide that explores rights and protection provided by law, the many different education opportunities as well as in-depth grants and scholarship programs designed specifically to support higher education.  We hope our guide will not only answer common questions, but make it easier for those living with disabilities to leverage the educational benefits they have earned.”  You can see the entire guide along with some of its features here:


General information for Schools and Classrooms

Articles about Disorders

(also see our “Disabilities” page for more information on these and other disabilities)

Articles about Interventions & Pre-Made/Ready-to-Use Forms

classroom3Social Skills

Executive Functioning

Theory of Mind



Sensory Processing


Special Diets & Food Allergies/Sensitivities

Gluten/Casein Free:

General Food Allergy Including Nuts:

Medical Resourcesclassroom4


Estate Planning & Guardianship

Transition Services

Massachusetts Special Education Resources