Parent Partnership

homeworkMilestones partners with parents to help their children achieve goals, grow, and thrive. In order for effective programming to occur, Milestones provides ongoing communication so we can share information with each other, monthly support and education groups, and training opportunities for families through our parent training program. All of the partnership opportunities below are optional, but we strongly encourage families to become involved in their child’s education.

Partnering Opportunities:

Open Door Policy

Parents are welcome to visit their children at school. Calling ahead is not necessary, however, prior to visiting the classroom administration will check with the class to be sure a visit won’t cause any disruptions. In most cases parents are permitted to observe.

Ongoing Emailing And Regular Communication

All parents have a weekly phone call or email with their child’s case manager. Parents can also request a mid-year progress meeting.

Optional In-School Parent Training

Our staff provide monthly in school parent training to assist families with issues that are specifically home-related or to help generalize skills from school to home. Some common topics include: sibling relationships, joining community activities, participating in family activities, homework, chores, etc. This is a parent training and does not necessarily include working directly with your child.

Classroom Webpage & Events

Webpages by lower school, middle school and upper school as well as a variety of other disciplines such as music and art, are full of information about activities the students are engaged in, upcoming projects, curriculum, helpful links , and photographs/videos of students.

Milestones hosts events about every other month which parents are invited to (i.e, Science Fair, History Fair, Community Service Learning, etc.). These events are listed on the school calendar as well as posted on the home page of our website if coming up soon. Notices are also provided to families either as a take-home packet with their child or emailed.

Parent Conferences, Coffees, & PAG Meetings

At the parent’s request, Milestones will hold progress meetings. Periodically, Milestones hosts a parent’s coffee where families informally gather and meet with Milestones’ Directors to hear about parent’s perspectives and upcoming activities/goals for Milestones. Monthly from September through May, Milestones’ Parent Group meets to plan and implement activities for the year. All parents/guardians are invited to attend these meetings. Check our home page or school calendar for dates and times.

Support & Education Groups

Milestones offers monthly education and support groups where Milestones’ parents can share information and gain support regarding raising a child who has a challenging path.

Progress Reports

Progress notes will be completed on students 4 times per year.  This is generally based on the student’s IEP date and does include the summer months.