Milestones believes that all students have the capacity to learn, change and grow. We believe that all students are inherently good and want to succeed. We believe that students who exhibit maladaptive behaviors are missing vital skills that can be taught and, given the right environment, learning opportunities and skills to succeed. We believe that school cannot operate in isolation and we need to work with families for programming to be effective.

Culture and Core Values

  • Respecting each other is fundamental: staff, students, and parents can have different perspectives and opinions that should be voiced, heard, and thought about. Everyone is treated with respect.

  • Understanding the different and unique needs of our students. Milestones’ students have developmental stages and skills that are either missing or have developed atypically and are not serving the student well. Students are doing the best they can to get their needs met and need to be taught different, more appropriate and functional strategies to do so. We understand behaviors from a developmental perspective and seek to understand where the need is coming from and the reason behind the behavior, not simply try to eliminate it.

  • Working collaboratively to partner with families and students to hear their perspectives and provide support. We use collaborative problem solving to capitalize on teaching opportunities and emphasize self-advocacy. With this understanding and skill building, students can be independent and contributing members of society.

  • Employing a multidisciplinary approach that utilizes blended methodologies to understand and treat the student’s complexity of needs. One methodology or discipline does not meet our student’s comprehensive needs.

  • Looking at student’s strengths while fostering creativity and intrinsic curiosity.

  • Understanding that a positive attitude is contagious.