Our Student Quotes

To the staff from James, "I made this cake as a way of thanking all of you for your generosity and kindness over the last three years. Had I not come to Milestones, God knows what I would've been doing. But because I came here, I have been transformed - socially, emotionally and academically. Because of you, I have a social life now. I am not afraid to speak up and I am about as emotionally regulated as I'll ever be... crazy to think that three years ago, none of this seemed possible, but thanks to the welcoming and supportive environment Milestones offers, I have flourished.

When I came here, I realized I'm smart; I just learn in a different way.

Being at Milestones really changed my perspective on life for the better.

Being around kids who are like me is comforting.

At Milestones Day School a kids' uniqueness is respected, their strengths celebrated, and their minds nurtured... I could be myself a square peg, and was given the tools, opportunities, time, and support to learn how to live better in a world of round holes!

I am so much better at making friends, understanding people and understanding myself.

One graduation commencement speech:
  "... The progress I have made over the years has been nothing less than tremendous. I have been taught how to better navigate this world socially and emotionally, discover my academic potential, and embrace my unique gifts. Along with my family, we will be forever grateful to Milestones for giving me a place to heal, grow, and ... realize that being ME is very special!"
He continued, "And now, it is time to move onto a new chapter in my life - and with me I will bring a treasure trove of wonderful memories, renewed self-confidence, and whole bagful of coping strategies. This Square peg is more than ready to rock the Round Holes! Who would have dreamed that this little 10-year old boy who walked through those doors carrying a stuffed animal and a broken spirit would exit 5 years later a healthy, happy, and confident teenager!