Graduation Speech

December 16, 2019

One graduation commencement speech:

“… The progress I have made over the years has been nothing less than tremendous. I have been taught how to better navigate this world socially and emotionally, discover my academic potential, and embrace my unique gifts. Along with my family, we will be forever grateful to Milestones for giving me a place to heal, grow, and … realize that being ME is very special!”

He continued, “And now, it is time to move onto a new chapter in my life – and with me I will bring a treasure trove of wonderful memories, renewed self-confidence, and whole bagful of coping strategies. This Square peg is more than ready to rock the Round Holes! Who would have dreamed that this little 10-year old boy who walked through those doors carrying a stuffed animal and a broken spirit would exit 5 years later a healthy, happy, and confident teenager!