Our Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies (PBIS)

Milestones is proud to be a “PBIS School.” PBIS facilitates best practices, which is an evidence-based program used in schools nationwide. PBIS is used as a framework for supporting universal teaching for responses to expected behaviors throughout the school in all areas of the day.  Fostering students to extend to their highest potential is reinforced by best teaching practices across the school, creating a sense of community, and raising school spirit. Classroom PBIS strategies are important tools to decrease disruptions, increase instructional time, and improve student social behavior and academic outcomes. This is critical as schools are held to greater accountability for student outcomes and teacher effectiveness.

PBIS fosters the optimal environment for learning, growth, independence, and success. At Milestones PBIS will better allow the majority of our students to best access our interventions and supports in their daily environment. PBIS allows a school to grow as a community and establishes positive cultural through school spirit and identity. Staff and students are proud that Milestones is the home of the Bulldogs, our mascot, and believe in the school’s core values of respect, responsibility, and safety throughout the school environment.