How We Prepare Students for Transitions

transitionStarting at age 14, students become the owner of their IEP. From age 14 on, the focus of the IEP is what the student’s and family’s post-graduation desires are. All goals and objectives are based upon the Vision Statement. Students also begin taking Life Skills courses and are eligible to participate in job training where they work with one of our community partners. In 11th grade, students become eligible to participate in our Dual Enrollment program, taking college courses while still enrolled at Milestones. All students have community outings at least once per week to generalize learned skills from classroom to community.

Students at Milestones begin the transition process at age 14 by taking Life Skills classes which focus on independent living post-graduation. Students are broken in groups by age between 14-22. Our post-high school program (ages 18-22) is specifically designed for students who have met (or nearly met) their academic graduation requirements but require continued services to meet their transitional needs.