Preparing Students for Adulthood

Milestones offers individualized multi-year post-high school programming designed to prepare students to transition from high school to post-secondary education and/or employment. Students will discover and develop their individual strengths, become effective self-advocates, acquire a broader repertoire of social competencies and independent living skills, and become active members of the community. With a focus on self-determination, self-advocacy, and increased independence, students receive direct instruction in six core competencies: Executive Functioning, Independent Living, Recreation & Leisure, Social, Work-Based Learning, and Preparation for Next Steps.

Programming takes place in a variety of settings. Our in-house mock apartment provides a natural environment to learn and practice skills. Dual enrollment at Mass Bay Community College provides students with the opportunity to experience higher education while still receiving individualized support. Work-based learning opportunities provide authentic experiences to develop employment skills based on career interests and strengths. Community-based instruction occurs in natural community settings and promotes generalization of functional daily living skills. Each of these real-world experiences provides students with the skills needed to create their own meaningful adult lives.