Graduate Spotlight



Wes Geer

Wes is a former Milestones student who is now furthering his education by attending courses at Massachusetts Bay Community College and is working at Wegman’s Supermarket.

Wes shared with us that he has worked some 6.5 hour shifts and is really enjoying getting to know the other employees.  He told us that the flexibility in scheduling that Wegmans has given him each semester, has made it possible to continue taking courses at MassBay.

“Another semester at Massbay has gone out as a success! I did lots of studying and occasional homework. In my communication class everyone had to decide on a topic and do a 4-5 minute informative presentation on it. At first that seemed impossible but with the right topic and information it worked out fine. For my presentation I chose organic foods. I talked about their difference from non organic, what makes organic foods organic and informed my classmates and professor on some reasons why someone would consider going all organic. I ended up getting an 88/100 on my presentation!!” – Wes Greer

The staff at Milestones are very proud of Wes’ achievements and look forward to future updates!  It is wonderful to see our former students as happy and successful adults.