Milestones Day School is an approved and accredited private school (Chapter 766) providing a complete education for students by balancing stimulating academics with teaching new and more appropriate therapeutic skills. Our therapeutic curriculum is vast and comprises in-depth lessons and interventions practiced daily for social skills, executive skills, coping/regulation skills, daily living skills, and self-esteem. Every aspect of our program, from the deliberate architecture to the comprehensive curriculum, has been custom designed to support and nurture students while increasing their proficiency at learning and interacting.

Milestones Day School’s Transitions Services are designed for students aged 15-22 to assist with all aspects of transitioning to adulthood.  The Transitions Program accepts students who progress through our day school as well as students who are currently enrolled in other programs and are looking to gain skills for this next phase of their life.

Our program was carefully developed to ensure students experience a successful transition and to assist with post-graduation goals.

What's Happening at Milestones Day School

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We welcome all districts, parents, or interested educators to our event.  Our speaker series is free of charge and includes lunch for all attendees.

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May 18, 2016 
Practical Approaches to Social Thinking  presented by Nancy Clements MA, CCC-SLP, 10:30-12:30 @ Milestones Day School

The Social Thinking Methodology has become increasing embraced for all learners.  This general overview will provide practical applications for using the core concepts associated with Social Thinking including the link between social interpretation and academics.  Participants will become familiar with strategy-based frameworks based around the Social Thinking Vocabulary and implementing these frameworks across environments. The use of Social Behavior Mapping as a core treatment based concept for Problem Solving, will also be presented.