Milestones Day School is an approved and accredited private school (Chapter 766) providing a complete education for students by balancing stimulating academics with teaching new and more appropriate therapeutic skills. Our therapeutic curriculum is vast and comprises in-depth lessons and interventions practiced daily for social skills, executive skills, coping/regulation skills, daily living skills, and self-esteem. Every aspect of our program, from the deliberate architecture to the comprehensive curriculum, has been custom designed to support and nurture students while increasing their proficiency at learning and interacting.

Milestones Day School’s Transitions Program is designed for students aged 15-22 to assist with all aspects of transiting to adulthood.  The Transitions Program accepts students who progress through our day school as well as students who are currently enrolled in other programs and are looking to gain skills for this next phase of their life.

Our program was carefully developed to ensure students experience a successful transition and to assist with post-graduation goals.

What's Happening at Milestones Day School


Open to the public, refreshments included, optional tour afterwards

EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING (Sarah Ward):  DECEMBER 2nd 10:00-12:00
Do you want to help your students with their organization and planning skills?
Executive Function in School Students A workshop by Sarah Ward, M.S., CCC/SLP Speech and Language Pathologist. Parents, teachers and professionals: Come learn how to work with and coach students to effectively balance and manage academic work, time, and materials.

PARENTING WITHOUT PANIC (Brenda Dater) FEBRUARY 5th 10:30-12:00
Do you ever wish that having a child on the autism spectrum came with instant access to a support group?  Brenda Dater, author of Parenting without Panic and Director of Child and Teen Services at AANE, has provided parents with exactly that. Brenda addresses parents’ frequently asked questions with warmth and humor. If you’ve ever wondered when to talk to your child or other family members about a diagnosis, how to foster resilience in your child, or how to bring a little less chaos to your daily life, grab your coffee and join Brenda for stories and practical tips to help you feel more confident and hopeful and parent with less panic.

FINANCIAL PLANNING  (Leo Rotman):  MARCH 4th:  10:30-11:30
Questions that Leo will answer include:  Do I need a special will or will any type be just fine?  Are there any government benefits that can help my family?  Do I have to do any special planning for my child without the disability?  Do I need to select a guardian?  What is a special needs trust and do I need one?