Success After Milestones

Milestones’ Alumni Spotlight

A handful of graduates from the Milestones’ Class of 2016 came back this summer to participate in a Speaker Series for high school students. Alumni guest speakers created and presented PowerPoint presentations to current students, sharing the inside scoop on life after Milestones and how Milestones has helped prepare them for what came next. These former students shared that their time at Milestones prepared them with many skills, including: time management, self advocating for extra help, homework planning, social interactions, and navigating the community – just to name a few!

Hunter White

Hunter White graduated in 2016. He began a summer internship at CVS before he started his freshman year at Dean College. He spoke to the students about college life and how the skills he learned at Milestones helped set him up for success. Hunter discussed his work with Habitat for Humanity and an internship he now has through Dean College.

Alex Dangel

Alex Dangel graduated in 2016 and he shared a creative presentation, showing life as a roller coaster ride. He attends Beacon College in Florida and works at SeaWorld and Discovery Cove. He shared with students about the friendships he has made and fun he has experienced as part of his new path.

Keegan O’Leary

Keegan O’Leary spoke with students about his employment of 3 years at a local extermination company and shared how it is to live on his own.

Simon Balaguera

Simon Balaguera graduated in 2016. His presentation included his experiences at Emmanuel College, working at Roche Brothers, and his semester abroad in Ireland.

Carsten Jonas

We take great pride in the accomplishments of our students, both past and present. Every student has a journey here at Milestones and sometimes it comes to an end as their growth and progress continue onwards. We are so proud to announce that Carsten Jonas has moved on from Milestones and back to his public school district. Carsten came to Milestones in elementary school. He is a spirited student who has grown tremendously over his 7 years at Milestones. With his steady determination, combined with consistent dedication and support from staff, Carsten fulfilled his wish to reintegrate back into his home public school district, where he will finish his high school career. Although he is greatly missed, we wish him well in his future success!

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