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Online Resources

Our faculty utilizes Google Classroom, and parents/guardians are provided an access code. Google Classroom contains course work assignments, and this affords an opportunity to talk about current curriculum with your student and team members.

IEP Development and Meetings

Parents/Guardians collaborate actively with Milestones and students’ sending districts to develop robust individualized education plans for our students. Milestones provides quarterly report cards and progress notes regarding students’ goal areas, and parent conferences may be recommended or arranged, by request. Throughout the year, families are also invited to visit our school for showcases and special events to help parents stay connected to their students’ programming and staff and to socialize with other families in our school community (e.g. Back to School curriculum night, Moving Up Day celebration, Talent Show/Art Expo, Academic presentations, Speaker Series workshops and Family BBQs).

Weekly Phone Conferences or Email

All students are assigned a case manager for ongoing parent communication. Case managers work regularly with their assigned students and stay abreast of students’ progress in all areas of their programming. Parents have the option of receiving a scheduled weekly phone conference or summary email to discuss their child’s week.


Throughout the year, Milestones’ administration regularly circulates school-wide emails to offer reminders and updates about school events and initiatives, and we issue quarterly newsletters to highlight certain activities that have taken place in the classroom and community. Milestones also maintains a Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn account that members of the community have the option to follow to stay abreast about happenings at school.