Looking to learn more about Milestones?

The Onsite Group Tour/Information Sessions as a first step can be most helpful, as you will benefit from the answers to questions from other parents.  Whether or not you have a referral from your public school district, you are welcome to attend.

We understand that changing schools can be stressful for both child and family. To assist with a smooth transition, we can complete the admissions steps in as little as 1-2 weeks.

An overview of the Admission Process

The school district and parents decide and agree that the child will be placed in a private special education school.

The district and parents agree to consider Milestones as a placement and send a referral packet which includes the student’s records for us to review.

Milestones Admissions team will conduct a thorough review of your child/student’s referral packet which should include the most recent signed IEP, and most recent triennial evaluations.

If based on the referral information, we believe that Milestones could potentially be well matched for your child, we will reach out to schedule an onsite tour and brief introduction to our community. This appointment is for parent(s) and their child.

If based on the referral review, and Intake appointment, we continue to believe that Milestones is well matched for your child, we will arrange a 1-3 day visit. During this time, your child will participate in the activities, routines, and classes with his/her peers.

After your child’s visit, our admissions team convenes to determine if we can meet your child’s needs and if Milestones is a good placement for him/her. If we believe Milestones will be a good placement, we will notify the district and family by calling and sending an acceptance letter within 2 days of the conclusion of the visit.

Please click the link below to provide additional information about how we can help you. An invitation to our next Virtual Informational Information session will be sent to the email provided.

Admissions Inquiry Form

If Milestones has received or will be receiving a referral from your public school district, please fill out the Application which will automatically be sent to our Admissions department.

Public School Districts:
If you are interested in submitting a referral to Milestones, please send to MilestonesAdmissions@advancingmilestones.com