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Milestones employs 90 staff who are licensed in their respective disciplines and make up our multidisciplinary team.  Our team includes executive administrators, a principal, a special education administrator, case managers / mentor teachers, special education and content teachers, math specialists, reading specialists, psychologists, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, board-certified behavior analysts, transition specialists, a school nurse, music and art specialists, a physical education teacher, and counselors (specially trained teaching assistants in every classroom).

Name: Position: Email:
Deborah Abbott Chief Financial Officer
Kyle Adragna Speech-Language Pathologist
Derrick Allen IT Specialist
Alexa Battista-Miller Speech-Language Pathologist
Gianna Bizzarro Elementary Counselor
Kalene Bryant Counselor
Katie Cafua Occupational Therapist, OT Department Head
Joan Capite Reading Specialist
John Cohan Case manager
Hayley Comer PHS Counselor/Teacher
Sue Costigan BCBA Clinical Supervisor
Molly Cudoni Counselor
Karen D’Ortenzio Reading Specialist
Liz Delfeld Float Counselor
Sam Diener HS Case Manager - Mentor Teacher
Nicole Dillon HS Science Teacher
Tanya DiStefano Speech-Language Pathologist
Sarah Folk Head of Admissions
Susan Foster Transition Program Coordinator & Case manager
Melanie Friedman Executive Administrator & Admissions
Carrie Fryzel Psychologist
Jen Gallo Occupational Therapist
Puja Ganguly High School Science Teacher
Adrienne Gauthier Transition Program Manager
Gabe Gent Counselor
Kyle Gotham Physical Education/Health Teacher
Kellye Greer ESL Teacher
Richard Haight Case manager
Janine Hart-Hueber Math Specialist
Taylor Hollenbeck School Nurse
Ishijah Johnson Music Specialist
Bruno Kaufmann HS Math Teacher
Julia Kimball Reading Specialist
Christian Kmiecik Counselor
Brian Lauritsen High School History Teacher
Julie Lauritsen HS ELA Teacher
Sarah Lavalle HS Math Teacher
Grace Little Speech-Language Pathologist
Dillon Longmoore Administrative Assistant
Tim Ma HS Counselor
Michael MacDonald HS Case Manager
Mikell Mahan HS Counselor
Tim Mahoney Curriculum Director
Erin Manning School Psychologist
Ashley Mantia Counselor
Casey Martin Therapeutic Integration Specialist
Nicole Martocchio BCBA
Shane Mayhew Operations Manager
Kayla McCluskey Middle School ELA teacher
Brianna McCormack Occupational Therapist
Julia McGourty OT Intern
Heather Miller Education Operations Manager/HR
Emily Moran Occupational Therapist
Patrick Mount PHS Counselor
Mara Nassbaum Speech Language Pathologist
Coleman O’Brien High School ELA Teacher
Jason Oschner BCBA
Brandon Ouellette Elementary and Middle History, Special Ed Teacher, and ELA Teacher
Carly Owens Assistant Principal/Curriculum Director
Jaleel Paden MS Counselor
Monica Patel BCBA
Martha Phelps MS Counselor
Kiesha Philstin Speech Language Pathologist
Anne Pierre Counselor
Jessica Raymond MS Science Teacher
Jessica Reis School Psychologist
Dena Rentumis Float Counselor
Emma Riemer Elementary Teacher/Case Manager
Kimberly Rockers Chief Executive Officer
Lyn Ross RN | School Nurse
Garrett Roy Counselor
Taylor Ryan HS Counselor
William Salloway School Psychologist
Shani Sasson SLP Clinical Fellow
Chelsea Scola HS Counselor
Brooke Serra PHS Teacher
Azeema Shaikh Reading Specialist
Megan Singer Middle School History Teacher
Rob Smith Counselor
Alex Smith-Michaels Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Gillian Sneider Speech Language Pathologist
Lorraine Steenkamp Middle School Teacher
Michele Steinbrecher Accounting Assistant
Rachel Stephens SLP Intern
Jenna Thomas MS Counselor
Sandy Tong HR Specialist
Heidi Warren Project Coordinator
Gillian Warwick Special Ed Administrator
Mari Watson Transition Specialist
Lauren Wilkins HS ELA Teacher
Caroline Williams Counselor
Allegra Wilson Speech-Language Pathologist
Sharon Yee Math Specialist
Laura Lyn Zacek Occupational Therapist
Emma Zampino HS Math Long Term Substitute (through 2/10/23)