Message of Strength to our School Community

June 1, 2020

Dear Families,

As a community, the Milestones leadership team found it imperative that we address what is currently happening in our country. It’s heartbreaking to see the current racial climate in our country and that the amount of progress that should have already been made has not happened yet. Milestones prides itself on being inclusive in all areas and we do not condone racism or discrimination of any kind. We stand in solidarity with our black students, families, team members, and community. We see you, we are here for you, and you matter.

As a community we need to stand together and do better together. If you see ways in which we can do better, please let us know. We’re in this together. In response to recent media events, our therapists have already begun to share supportive resources among faculty. If parents/guardians observe that your student is in need of additional support or related education, please do not hesitate to notify your case manager and we will eagerly ensure that we are responsive.


The Milestones Team