Avoiding the Summer Slide

June 9, 2015

While the summer slide may sound like a great backyard activity in the hot weather, it actually is referring to a phenomenon common in school age children.  Summer slide is, in fact, a term used to describe the learning loss that occurs over the summer months due to a lack of educational engagement.  According to extensive studies completed by Johns Hopkins University and teacher organizations including Teacher Notebook, students can lose more than two months reading achievement and lose ground in other valuable skills needed for the next school year.

Milestones combats the summer slide by offering a six week summer session.  Starting right after the Fourth of July break, students in the lower and upper school can take part in project -based classes.  To prevent regression of skills, the elementary and middle school students work on skills in fun elective classes, swimming lessons and “Fun Fridays.” The high school students focus on theme based weeks with speakers and field trips to showcase main ideas and skills.  All students get to enjoy field trips and BBQ activities!  Stay tuned for more information on our summer offerings.

There are a number of ways that parents can also assist in stopping the summer slide.  One of the largest ways is to continually read with your child.  Make it a habit to read daily either together or during sustained silent reading times.  If at all possible write in a journal about what was read.  Students can react to the main character or the events of the book in a personal and fun way to keep up with writing skills.  To practice math skills and social skills, have children accompany you on shopping trips.  Make a budget and shop accordingly.  Make academic skills a part of your daily activities to show your child how these skills will benefit them later in life.

Resources – Here are a few resources with hundreds of fun ideas to keep your child busy this summer while helping them avoid the dreaded summer slide.

The Department of Education – List of summer activities to maintain academic and social skills throughout the summer.

Parents Magazine – A great daily idea list for reading.

“Avoiding the Summer Slide” – Included on this page are activities, worksheets and ideas for maintaining academic skills all summer in many different areas including math, science, reading, and social studies.  .