Benefits of Internships

April 14, 2015

Milestones strives to have each student graduate with the necessary life skills to thrive in the world of post-secondary education, independent living and employment. Gaining real life employment experience is one of the critical components therefore to the Transition Program.  Students who are 14 years and older can participate in internships that can prepare them to be successful in the workforce.  Some of the current internships include: the Blue Hill Weather Observatory, Newton Wellesley Hospital, Waltham Courtyard Marriott, Springwell, Waltham YMCA, Newton Public Library, Perkins School for the Blind, and the Waltham 4-H. Students not only are guided by members of the workplace but also by Milestones staff who serve as job coaches. Let’s look at some of the overall benefits for internships and how your child may benefit from enrollment in one.

  • Gain valuable work and life experience – Students who have work experience tend to understand the responsibilities of the workforce and have been able to practice specialized skills for the field.
  • Makes a job a reality – Many times students have a vision of what a career path may entail.  An internship can sort out the reality of working in a specific field vs the dream.
  • Course credit – Many schools offer course credit to train as an intern.
  • Make professional Contact and Build a Resume – Employers are always looking for real-world experience. An internship may put a student above other applicants who have not taken part in an work program. Internships make for an excellent point on a resume to future employers.
  • Work Skills – Nothing improves work skills quite like practicing them weekly.  It is amazing how students can gin confidence and a major boost in self esteem when they complete work assignments and get positive feedback.