Life Skills Learning this Summer

June 13, 2017

For many families, summer means a change in routine and a time of relaxing with friends and relatives. For students, summer translates into no homework and not having to sit in a classroom all day long. Summer, however, should not mean an absence of learning. Here are a few tips to maintain life skills throughout the summer so that your child returns to school in the fall with strong self-care skills, organization skills, and other life skills that can be practiced outside the classroom.

  • Library Card – Have your child apply for a library card at your public library. This means that he/she will need to approach the librarian, fill out paperwork and use communication skills.
  • Organizing a Bedroom or Closet – Rainy days lead to comments such as, “I’m bored!” Organizing a bedroom or closet can help students makes decisions and take control of their surroundings.
  • Garage Sale – Yard sales or garage sales can help with communication skills, organization skills, and math skills for budgeting and pricing of items.
  • Planning a Trip – Summer is a great time to plan a trip to a favorite location or museum. Planning takes mapping skills, money skills and time management skills.
  • Overnight or Camping Skills – Planning and executing an overnight trip means packing, self-care activities and lots of communication skills.
  • Shopping Trips – These types of excursions can help your child practice many skills including planning a shopping list, working with money and dealing with the public including cashiers.
  • Dining Out – Practice life skills at a local restaurant where your child can order, dine and help deal with the bills.
  • BBQ or Picnic – Planning for family or friends to come over means working with a menu,. setting a table and talking to friends.