Resolutions for Parents of Special Needs Children

January 5, 2016

January 1st  starts the season of making resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more and be kinder to our fellow humans. For parents who have a child on the spectrum, your list may look a little different than your friends or coworkers.  Here are just a few suggestions of resolutions to keep your body, mind and spirit healthy and happy this new year.

  1. Take more time for yourself even if it means relying on someone else for a little bit each day.
  2. Celebrate small achievements and do not lament what can not be.
  3. Help other families who have just found out that their child is on the spectrum.  It may help you see just how far you have come.
  4. Practice asking for help and realize that it is not “putting someone out”, but rather giving yourself a much needed break or just an extra hand.
  5. Take three deep breaths before reacting to ignorance about your child whether it is in a public setting or with friends.
  6. Become an advocate for your cause.
  7. Plan time to celebrate your children who are not struggling.
  8. Forgive yourself.  It is ok to lose it sometimes.  No one is perfect.
  9. Hug and Kiss your children daily.  The power of touch is an amazing healer and can give you energy to continue on. . .
  10. Resolve not to put yourself last on the “care” list every day.
  11. Resolve to try not to worry about the future as much as you do.
  12. Resolve not to scream at the insurance people on the phone but rather to try to make change happen through congress or your representative.
  13. Encourage your child to be more independent and not worry about failure.
  14. Stop thinking about what could have been.  Accept what is.
  15. Love yourself.