Click this link to order Bulldog Merchandise


Phone Cases – $10 

Custom T-shirts – $25

MDS T-shirts – $15

Hoodies – $25

Crewnecks – $20

Greeting Cards – $3/ea

Koozies – $3/ea

Decals – $3 for small design

      $5 for large design

24oz. Reusable (cold) cups – $15

16oz. Reusable (hot) cups – $12

Coasters – $10 for a set of 4

Opportunity to Purchase Milestones Merchandise

We are pleased to announce our new merchandise website! We are using a platform called SquadLocker that we have had success using for an after school soccer club recently. Online shopping for staff and families is the most convenient way for everyone to order merchandise at their own convenience. When you click on the link below it will direct you to the Milestones store called Bulldogs.

In the Bulldogs store site you will see an array of Milestones apparel that you are able to select from. These items are available to purchase at any time and in any quantity.  Just select the apparel you like, size, and some have color options. You pay online through this portal as well as enter in your home address and have everything shipped to you. This site will be up and running from now until the foreseeable future. We plan to update our selection in future seasons to add different merchandise.

If there are other items you would like to see added to this site, please contact our Project Coordinator and she can help navigate your request:

Heidi Warren

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