Our Behavior Team

At Milestones, the Behavior Team assists in teaching and modeling expected behaviors. This team looks to create a unified culture in school that utilizes and implements positive behavior supports.  We work collaboratively across different disciplines to promote Milestones’ core values while integrating therapeutic supports across the school day.  The behavior team also works to create and implement individualized positive behavior support plans tailored to students who require a higher level of support.  Each plan or intervention is differentiated and designed to teach and reinforce appropriate replacement behaviors while decreasing target interfering behaviors. For students who require a higher level of support, personalized interventions are put into place.  Interventions include rating scales, self-monitoring point sheets, or additional reinforcement throughout their day that are age appropriate and align with the skill set of our students.  The behavior team works extremely closely with classroom and therapeutic staff across the school to “catch a student being good,” create a positive culture, and promote a fun and exciting learning environment.