Community and Independent Living Skills


Community Skills

Each week Milestones’ students who are 14 and older have Life Skills classes where they learn about living effectively in a community (i.e., cooking, budgeting, resume building, etc.) As our students get older, these lessons are brought to life by taking weekly trips into the community to practice what they have learned.

Independent Living Skills
At Milestones, starting at a young age, Students are also taught independent living skills. These skills are practiced on a regular basis through tasks such as cooking, banking, travel training, and laundry/cleaning.  Our goal is to graduate students with functional skills to be able to live in the world on their own or in a small group supported setting.


Milestones believes it is vital that students have functional transportation skills by the time they graduate, whether it be obtaining a license and driving themselves or learning about public transportation. During weekly community outings, students learn how to navigate the greater Boston area via car, train, subway, and bus. Many students are also enrolled outside of Milestones in adaptive driver’s education programs and some have successfully obtained their license.